Activity Introduction of IAF2021


IAF is the abbreviation of West Lake International Animation Festival, and the abbreviation of I Animate Future, which means "I use animation to record the future". This is also the overall concept of the West Lake International Animation Festival:to create a China’s pioneering camp for animation art and explore the possibility and extension of contemporary animation language.

IAF is hosted by China Academy of Art, which has a century-old school history, and is held every two years. The first event will be held in Hangzhou, China in November 2021. Activities include screening, academic forums, lectures, animated film competitions and other sections. In addition, to encourage and expand the theoretical research on animation, IAF has set up a significant unit, namely the solicitation, selection and support of animation academic research.

The theme of IAF2021 is Chinese independent animation in the 21st century. There will be a theme screening during the event. Through the activities, we hope to explore the contemporary expression of animation creation and research, focus on the current status of animation education and discuss the possibilities of being more open.