IAF2021 Animation Academic Research Award Competition Regulations


1. About the Animation Academic Research Award


In order to promote the communication between animation authors and scholars, and encourage and expand the theoretical research on animation, IAF has set up an important unit, namely the solicitation, selection and support of animation academic research.


IAF2021 is now soliciting theoretical research on Chinese animation from around the world.


Submission for the festival implies acceptance without restrictions of these regulations and of interim decisions by the organization, so please take time to read the regulations carefully and thoroughly.

The theme of the IAF2021 Animation Academic Research Award : Chinese Animation.


Any works, papers and research proposals related to the subject and meeting the solicitation requirements can be submitted to participate in the selection of the award . The activity is open to all scholars, tutors and students, and animation authors who are engaged in research in the field of animation at home and abroad.


Submission Time: 7 June 2021 – 31 August 2021


To ensure the smooth progress of the event, please submit your work before August 31, 2021 (including the day). The primary selection of the IAF2021 will be announced in October 2021.


There is only 1 official award:IAF Animation Academic Research Award.

The award is meant for the first author or the leading author. The organising committee will provide research support funds for the winners. ž


The IAF Organising Committee will invite professionals with academic credibility to form a jury to conduct a preliminary evaluation of the received works, papers and research proposals, and select 10 topics.


The IAF Organising Committee will invite the selected candidates to the event. The first author or the leader of the research proposals of the 10 topics will be invited to deliver a speech on the topics during the event. The academic jury will select one topic during the event and announce the winner of the IAF Animation Academic Research Award.


2. About the Solicitation


Research articles/works

There is no limit to the number of words.


It is allowed to submit research articles or works that have been completed after January 1, 2020 and not have been published in any public before, including but not limited to domestic and foreign publications and the Internet, etc.


A research abstract and full text within 1000 words must be submitted.

Academic works must contain the full text of the research abstract, introduction in full, table of contents and research ideas within 1000 words.


Research proposals

The submission of research proposals is allowed, and the research needs to be completed before August 31, 2023.


In addition, the leading author of the research must submit a publicly published paper, whose subject is not limited. The paper will only be used for review and reference, not for other purposes.


The submitted materials must be in Chinese or English, and other languages will not be accepted.  


All the submitted works and papers should be original. IAF has no obligation to verify this. IAF shall not be responsible for any infringement, claims and other lawsuits initiated by third parties.


3. Registration


There’s no entry fee for submissions for the festival.

Please log on to the official IAF website, download, fill in, and upload the registration form and entry materials as required before the registration deadline.Applicants must fill in the registration form correctly and submit the materials as required. Incorrectly filling in the form or incomplete materials will result in the inability to participate in the selection.


4. Copyright

IAF owns the right has permission to use the text and images you submit submitted for the promotion of IAF activities.


All selected research works and papers will be collected by the IAF Archives, and will not be displayed to the public after the event. Meanwhile, the IAF Archives will not pay any additional collection fees for authors.


After the event IAF will start to collect the academic literature, which will be published by the publishing house of the China Academy of Art. A maximum of ten (10) selected papers will be published.  On the registration form you can choose to "authorize" or "not authorize" the IAF to publish your article.


Publication is free of rights. The parties do not charge each other additional costs.


All authors who submit the works shall be deemed to have confirmed and comply with the requirements of the event.

The IAF Animation Research Award hopes to see unique, rigorous and profound insights about Chinese animation.



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