IAF2021 Animated Film Award Competition Regulations

The call for the IAF2021 Animated Film Award has been launched. Animated films made by animators from all over the world are invited for the competition. The selected works will be screened during the event and compete for the final award.

IAF Animated Film Award hopes to see influential animation works that represent the spirit of the times. 

Submission for the festival implies acceptance without restrictions of these regulations and of interim decisions by the organization, so please take time to read the regulations carefully and thoroughly.


1. Requirements for Entries

Films submitted for IAF 2021 must have had the premiere after 1 January 2020. Films from before that date will only be accepted in consultation with the festival.

The theme, form , style and duration of the work are unlimited.

The number of your entries is unlimited.


2. Submission Deadline: 31 August 2021

To ensure the smooth progress of the event, you have to submit your film before or on 31 August 2021.


3. Registration

There’s no entry fee for submissions for the festival. Please log on to the official IAF website, download, fill in and upload the registration form and entry materials as required before the registration deadline. Incorrectly filling in the form or incomplete materials will result in the inability to participate in the selection.


Please make sure that the link you provide is downloadable or playable online.


Still photos, director's photo and resume of the registered works must be submitted online in the form of attachments. If posters or trailers are available, please submit them as well.



4. Awards


There is only one official awardIAF Animated Film Award


The organising committee will invite professionals with professional judgment, relevant industry influence and credibility to form the jury. ž


The organising committee will announce 5 nominated works in October 2021. These 5 works will compete for the final award during the event..



5. Requirements of selected works:

Finalists will be shown to the public during the event, and the requirements are as follows:

Screening format: DCP / mepg4 / mov.

Subtitles: text must be provided both in Chinese and English

IAF will not pay screening fees for films in competition. If you submit a film for competition, you agree to offer your film free of charge. The selected film must be available during the festival.


6. Copyright

The applicant of the work must ensure that the work and its related materials do not infringe the legal rights of third parties. IAF has no obligation to verify this. IAF shall not be responsible for any infringement, claims and other lawsuits initiated by third parties.


All the submitted photos and pictures may be used for the publicity of this festival, including the official website, flyers, advertising material and brochures. The committee will be authorized to use these pictures for relevant publicity by default once you submit them for the competition. The organising committee also has the right to excerpt the registered video clips of no more than 20 seconds for relevant publicity activities.



Thanks for your participation!  We are sincerely looking forward to having your works!



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